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Wide Angle A1-C1 (series)

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Wide Angle A1-C1 (series)

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Le contenu

A six-level American English course that empowers adult learners to join any conversation, and say the right thing at the right time.

Wide Angle is the course that helps your adult learners to uncover and master the hidden rules of English, so when it comes to communicating in the real world, they know what to say and how to say it.

With lessons and interactive videos that guide students on how to respond appropriately in everyday situations, vibrant photos from around the world and video interviews with the photographers on the stories behind them, and authentic reading texts from Oxford Reference, Wide Angle provides real content that’s underpinned by a comprehensive syllabus.

Wide Angle 1 Student book

Wide Angle 1 Workbook

Wide Angle 2 Student Book

Wide Angle 2 Workbook

Wide Angle 3 Student Book

Wide Angle 3 Workbook 

Wide Angle 4 Student Book 

Wide Angle 4 Workbook

Wide Angle 5 Student Book

Wide Angle 5 Workbook

Wide Angle 6 Student Book

Wide Angle 6 Workbook

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